Defend your rights to your property and children

Liza Langford Family Law AttorneyExperienced Trial Attorney

Liza Langford is an experienced family law attorney practicing since 1988. She has represented clients across the state of Oregon, presently concentrating her practice in Multnomah and Columbia Counties. Her trial savvy is matched by her compassion for her clients and keeping legal fees reasonable.

Knowledgeable and Perceptive

Family law is constantly changing. Liza Langford takes pride in being informed of the changes and nuances in the law and how the judges are applying them. Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side can make all the difference in what evidence is presented to the court, and in the image you project to the court. You may need to strive to reach a reasonable settlement with your spouse, or you may need to vigorously defend your position in court, either way, having experienced or perceptive counsel at your side can make all the difference. Hopefully the case will settle without trial, but if necessary Liza Langford will be there at your side to defend your position and fight for your rights.

Get Solid Advice to Preserve Your Rights

If you are facing a divorce or a possible custody battle you may be very frightened and confused. You need information now regarding the strength of your case as well as its weaknesses. You need to know what you can do to protect and better your position. You may need to act swiftly to secure your present relationships with your children, by obtaining a status quo order to prevent the other party from removing the children from the family home. You may need to protect your assets and obtain an order to prevent dissipation or secreting of assets, or you may need to promptly file for a temporary support hearing in order to meet your expenses while your case is pending. Liza Langford can forecast what the probable outcome of your case will be, and will advise you on steps you need to take in order to preserve your rights and to strengthen your position.

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